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iAfrikan Media is a multi-disciplinary technology and media company focussing on media production, publishing, data analytics, and the development of media technology tools.

Some of our clients

We understand media production and publishing.

The internet has disrupted the media industry. We understand what this means when it comes to the production, publishing, broadcasting, and distribution of media.

Media Production

Whether you're looking at podcast production or videos, we have a professional team that can help you from concept stage to full production.


From research reports to custom publications, we have an experienced team to assist you with your requirements.

Data collection and analytics.

Without the relevant data, it is near impossible to make informed and evidence-based decisions that drive action and the achievement of desired goals. We have developed data collection and analytics tools to help organizations gather insights for better decision-making from their target markets and communities they work with. From a media perspective, evidence-backed (data) insights make for compelling stories.

Media technology tools.

With our media tech tools we are able to measure and gain insights on how different media assets perform. This allows us, and our clients, to be able to gather insights on the performance of their media business models and of their content.

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